Immunometabolomics|Prof. Dr. Marina Kreutz

Immune cells have to be differentiated and activated to guarantee an effective immune response. The basis for immune cell differentiation and activation is an optimal energy supply to support specific cell functions. During activation immune cells undergo changes in their metabolism that are characteristic for a given immune cell population. Different T cell types have distinct metabolic needs and metabolism has a tremendous impact on T cell function. Similar results have been reported for myeloid cells as dendritic cell differentiation and activation relies on glucose metabolism.

Disturbance of immune cell metabolism can result in immunosuppression and glucose deprivation inhibits CD8+ T cell function. Changes in cell metabolism also accompany tumor/leukemia development. Many solid tumors but also leukemia cells show an accelerated glucose metabolism and the resulting high lactate secretion inhibits immune cell function.

The aim of this project is to develop strategies selectively affecting tumor cells while preserving T cell function. Therefore a detailed understanding of the relationship between metabolism and immune cell function in the human system is mandatory. Therapeutic intervention in the tumor metabolism can directly target tumor cells and could also rescue the anti-tumor response of immune cells.


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