RCI receives the Total E-Quality Award

The Total E-Quality award was created in 1996 to produce and promote awareness about gender-equality in the workplace. The award has a duration of three years.


The 2021-2023 TOTAL E-QUALITY Award has been conferred today to the RCI.


The award is an important recognition of the RCI excellent equal-opportunities oriented policies and of its sustained commitment to create an equitable workplace for both men and women.


The evaluating committee recognized that, in just a few years as an independent institute, the RCI has already implemented basic equality-related instruments, such as the appointment of an Equality officer, the establishment of key documents to ensure equal opportunities, and the realization of important measures to promote equal opportunities for the professional development of doctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows. 


“We are looking forward for the RCI to apply again in 2024, which will show further progress and sustainability on the way to equal opportunities. Thus, the award can be acquired again for three years.”, says Frau Roer Chairman of the Board, on behalf of the jury