RCI Regensburg Center | for Interventional Immunology


The RCI Regensburg Center for Interventional Immunology was established in 2010 as a central unit of Regensburg University in order to tie all academic research areas related to the development of new immunotherapies (e.g. Departments of Internal Medicine, Surgery).


The RCI aims at researching, developing and quickly applying improved therapies against cancer, infections, autoimmune diseases as well as in the field of organic and stem cell therapy. Close networking between University and University Hospital thus offers high research efficiency. Eventually, the RCI shall become an extra-faculty research institute of the Leibniz-Association.


Developing new immunotherapies is a long (minimum 10 years) and expensive endeavor, subjected to strict requirements (legal requirements, clean room laboratories, etc.). To meet these demands, Regensburg University established high scientific and medical expertise in the field of Interventional Immunology: internationally acknowledged experts were appointed to Regensburg, new scientific work groups were installed, infrastructure was extended (e.g. José-Carreras-Center). The RCI will deepen this knowledge at a high level of quality for the good of patients.